Horses for Sale

Over $60,000

Balou Grand

2001 Warmblood Gelding, 16.3 H

Exceptional Amateur or Child mount to be competitive in the Hunters, Equitation, and Derbies – Very sweet, safe, and automatic – Good mover


2007 Imported Warmblood Gelding, 16.1 H

Perfect for all 3 rings – Very scopey and super easy to find the jumps on


2007 Swedish Warmblood Gelding, 16.3 H

Recently imported – beautiful mover, walks the lines – easy to see the distance
Very rhythmical canter – nice slow step. Beautiful form – ready to step into the 1st Year ring. Can also do the Equitation



2010 American Hanovarian Gelding, 16.3 H

Exceptional breeding by Sir Caletto – Beautiful mover – Very scopey, young jumper prospect – Started over fences

Pop Star


2007 Warmblood Cross Mare by Popeye K, 16.2 H
USEF# 5269195

Show mileage in the Pre-Greens ready to step into the First Years – Beautiful jump with nice ground covering stride – Walks the lines

Lincoln (aka LB)

2008 Warmblood Gelding, 16.2 H

Just imported – Big step – Perfect for Junior Hunters or Equitation

Earl Grey

2006 Warmblood Gelding, 16.2 H

Experienced 1.30m Jumper – Jumps open water – Honest and scopey – Show mileage – Can cross over into the Equitation


2009 Warmblood Gelding, 16.1 H

Eligible Pre-Green – Good lead change- Horse for the competitive hunter rider

$25,000 – $60,000




2007 Thouroughbred Gelding, 15.3H

Super sweet Children’s Hunter – Large step with auto lead change – Safe


Imported Hanoverian, Gelding, 2002

USEF# 5272052

Imported well bred gelding by Contender. Show mileage up to 1.30m. Perfect Equitation horse!



2005 Dutch Warmblood Gelding, 16.1
USEF# 5281077

Beautiful, scopey gelding that is competitive in all three rings: Hunters, Jumpers, and Equitation – Ready for a youth or amauter

Zemi WT


2006, Holsteiner Mare 16.1 H

Wild Turkey Farm bred 2006 Holsteiner mare by Chesapeak out of Qaja – Landgraf Carthago breeding – Exceptionally bred mare for jumping or dressage – Very scopey – Good mover



2006, Holsteiner Gelding 16.2 H

Solid, safe 1.15m Child/AA Jumper – Very brave – Wants to be careful and win



2000 Belgian Warmblood Gelding, 16.3 H
USEF# 5060785

Flashy, experienced Jumper/Equitation Horse – Honest, careful, and Brave – A Show mileage – Great Junior horse – Can go in all three rings.


2003 Westphalian Gelding, 16.3H
USEF #5284729

Scopey, easy, first jumper for child or adult wanting to jump 3’6″ or 1.10m to 1.15m – very brave – Safe – Not spokey at all.


2010 Hanoverian Mare, 16H

Beautiful young Hunter Prospect – Jumps with lovely form – Great investment!

$10,000 – $25,000



2012 Hanovarian Gelding, 16.2H

3 year old Hanovarian gelding, 16.2 H and growing – by Stallion “Apiro” – Started under saddle – Super easy, good mover, scopey Hunter prospect


1999 Thoroughbred Mare, 16.1H

Extensive show experience in Eventing – Super easy and honest in the Jumper ring also


2000 Westphalian Gelding, 16.1H

Stylish Equitation type Jumper – Schoolmaster – Ready to take his rider to their next level!

Lease option available

State of Grace


2004 TB/Warmblood Mare, 16.1H
USEF #5093963

Very nice children’s or AA Hunter mare. Good mover, with a nice ground covering stride, auto lead changes and a very sweet personality – Show mileage – Ready to take her next rider from the 2’6 to the 3′ divisions.

Verena Grace

2005 American Holsteiner Mare, 16H
USEF# 4872121

Very athletic – Perfect horse for young professional or aggressive amatuer wanting to jump 1.10m – 1.15m – Currently in training


Silla Argentina Mare
USEF #5246355

Lovely hunter prospect – some show mileage – Good temperament

Under $10,000

Red Ruby

2001 Thoroughbred Mare, 16.1H

Jockey Club registered Thoroughbred mare – Very brave – Lead changes – Scopey – Has show mileage – Owner motivated

Looking Famous (aka Cupcake)

2007 Arabian Cross Mare,

Perfect for child or adult – Nice mover, really cute jump, auto lead changes – Quiet, great mind – Very sweet and willing with lots of potential


1996 Holsteiner Mare, 16.2 H

By Cicero out of Brigitta – American Holsteiner Mare – Proven brood mare – Beautiful mover – Shown Dressage and Jumping – Back to work – Owners reducing their herd – Would be perfect for someone wanting an older School Master


The Big Picture

1998 Throughbred Cross Gelding, 16.3
USEF #4818994

Great first horse – Has self carry – Not spooky – Jumps well with lead changes


2010 Thoroughbred Mare

Very cute, well mannered, green Thoroughbred Mare – Safe and Brave – Started over fences with auto lead changes.

Chances Are

1998 Sweedish Warmblood Mare, 16.0H
USEF#: 4824884

Confident, experienced Jumper – Brave, uncomplicated, and quick – Successful competitor in the .90m and 1.0m divisions at top rated A shows including Thunderbird, Pebble Beach, and Hits Desert Series – Super confidence builder for beginners to AAs – Lease option available.

Peter Parker

2000 Thoroughbred Gelding, 16.0H
Usef# 4592307

Show mileage in Florida, also Evented – Safe, forward, auto – Point and shoot – Very game to be the winner!