Horses for Sale

Over $60,000


2007 Swedish Warmblood Gelding, 16.3 H

Recently imported – beautiful mover, walks the lines – easy to see the distance
Very rhythmical canter – nice slow step. Beautiful form – ready to step into the 1st Year ring. Can also do the Equitation



2007 Imported Dutch Gelding, 16.1 H

Super nice mover and jumper for the serious competitor with plenty of scope for the derbys and Juniors or AO’s



2008 Imported Warmblood Gelding, 16.1 H

Eligible everything – Super easy, steps over the jumps – Perfect for someone wanting an awesome amateur or junior hunter.



2009 Warmblood Gelding, 16.1 H

Eligible Pre-Green – Good lead change- Horse for the competitive hunter rider


$25,000 – $60,000



2006 Dutch Warmblood Gelding, 16.1 7/8H
USEF# 5191528

Fabulous horse to move up to the 3′ – 3’3″ divisions on – Works perfectly in all three rings, Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation- Good mover and very comfortable – Steps over the jumps – Delightful to have around the barn.


2008 Pony Mare

Eligible Green – Small Pony Hunter –
very safe, honest, and the very best mover! – Auto lead changes


2007 Olednberg Gelding, 16.1H


Beautiful mover, nice disposition – Shows ability to be top horse in the jumper or dressage ring – Stared over fences – Has some show mileage


Three Wishes


2001 Pony Mare, 14.1 1/4H
USEF# 5005214

Special, safe, extremely nice Children’s Hunter Pony – Great first pony – Will teach your child to be confident and safe.



1999 Dutch Warmblood Mare, 16.2 H

USEF# 4668183

Fancy AA/Children’s Hunter – Seasoned competitor


2003 Oldenburg Gelding, 17.1H
USEF # 5209557


Great Children’s/AA Hunter – Smooth in the air – Auto Changes, steps over the jumps.


2003 Westphalian Gelding, 16.3H
USEF #5284729

Scopey, easy, first jumper for child or adult wanting to jump 3’6″ or 1.10m to 1.15m – very brave – Safe – Not spokey at all.

All In Fun

2001 Welsh Pony Cross Gelding, 13.1H
USEF# 4538844

Super sweet first pony for very beginner. This pony will show your child the ropes – Hack winner.

Irish Pride

2001 Imported Irish Gelding, 16.1H
USEF# 5114590

Children’s/AA Hunter with mileage – Great show record – Owner college bound

True Story

2009 Canadian Warmblood Gelding, 16.0H

Good mover – Eligible Pre-Green – Plenty of step to be a top Small Junior Hunter

Bo Tie

2001 Quarter Horse Gelding, 16.2H
USEF# 5189985

Great 1st Show Horse – Child/Adult, A-Show Miles – Good Mover – Sadly Outgrown


2003 Hanovarian Gelding, 15.3H
USEF# 5220080

Very cute Children’s/AA Hunter – Loads of show mileage – Safe, good mover


2010 Hanoverian Mare, 16H

Beautiful young Hunter Prospect – Jumps with lovely form – Great investment!


2008 Oldenburg Gelding, 17H
USEF# 5268950

Experienced gelding for all 3 rings – Safe, honest, scopey


2005 Oldenburg Gelding, 16.2H
USEF# 5181707

Recently imported – Great Children’s Jumper mount – Safe and brave – Just needs to continue his show career – Owner off to college – Great investment


2003 Dutch Warmblood Gelding, 17H
USEF# 5005159

Large Junior Hunter, Equitation, Medal, Jumper. Solid 3’6”. Safe move up horse. Easy, steps over the jumps. Scope for the 1.2M. Confident in all rings.


2004, TB/Hanovarian Cross, Gelding, 16.3H
USEF #5203629

Experienced in the equitation , jumper , medals, and hunters.
Good enough mover to compete in all 3 rings. Great step up horse to the
3ft 6″ divisions. Ready to show Lease option available.

$10,000 – $25,000


Mc Luvin

1999, Buckskin Pony, Gelding, 12.2H

Great first pony for a strong child rider – Beautiful mover – Auto lead changes – Has lesson pony experience


Silla Argentina Mare
USEF #5246355

Lovely hunter prospect – some show mileage – Good temperament

Moves Like Jagger

2004 Quarter Pony Gelding, 14.1 7/8H
USEF# 5224579

Super cute first pony for competitive child wanting to move up the ranks. Good mover – Great show record – Safe


2004 Holsteiner Gelding 16.1H
USEF# 5138454

Perfect jumper for a child or adult wanting to compete in the 1.10m to 1.15m. Safe, honest – Good canter to be able to see the jumps on!


2007 Trakehner Mare, 16.2H
USEF# 5317969

Smooth and beautiful rhythmical canter – Excellent investment for A level hunters- Will win the hack – Auto lead changes


2001 Thoroughbred Mare, 16.3H

Very good canter and well broke on the flat. Has show mileage – jumps 3’6″ easily

Roi Raja

2004 Warmblood Cross Gelding, 16H
USEF# 5272826

Super cute, honest first horse to step up to the 3ft – Has show mileage

Captain Butterscotch

2004 Welsh Cross Pony Gelding, 14.1H
USEF# 5305911

Very sweet, reliable large pony – Eligible green – Local show mileages – auto lead changes, good mover – Perfect first pony – Many championships

Under $10,000



2001, Throughbred, Gelding, 16.1H

Local show mileage. Goes in Hunter, Jumper, and Equitation. Experienced Eventer, and trail rides. Auto lead changes


2003 Thoroughbred Gelding, 16.2H
USEF #5295690

Perfect first horse for taller person – Safe, auto lead changes – Great horse to learn to jump on.


2008 Jockey Club Registered TB Gelding, 16.1H

Super temperament – Safe, Not spooky – Started over fences and very good mover – Super for pony club or eventing

Peter Parker

2000 Thoroughbred Gelding, 16.0H
Usef# 4592307

Show mileage in Florida, also Evented – Safe, forward, auto – Point and shoot – Very game to be the winner!


2010 Thoroughbred Mare, 15.3H

Started over fences super sweet , safe for someone wanting a project


2000, Thoroughbred, Gelding, 17.2H
USEF #497904

Has show mileage up to 1.15m. Safe, good lead changes. Well broke on the flat.