Horses for Sale

Over $60,000


2007 Swedish Warmblood Gelding, 16.3 H

Recently imported – beautiful mover, walks the lines – easy to see the distance
Very rhythmical canter – nice slow step. Beautiful form – ready to step into the 1st Year ring. Can also do the Equitation


2007 Imported Dutch Gelding, 16.1 H

Super nice mover and jumper for the serious competitor with plenty of scope for the derbys and Juniors or AO’s



2008 Imported Warmblood Gelding, 16.1 H

Eligible everything – Super easy, steps over the jumps – Perfect for someone wanting an awesome amateur or junior hunter.



1999 Dutch Warmblood Mare, 16.2 H

USEF# 4668183

Fancy AA/Children’s Hunter – Seasoned competitor


2003 Oldenburg Gelding, 17.1H
USEF # 5209557


Great Children’s/AA Hunter – Smooth in the air – Auto Changes, steps over the jumps.


2009 Warmblood Gelding, 16.1 H

Eligible Pre-Green – Good lead change- Horse for the competitive hunter rider


$25,000 – $60,000



2003 Westphalian Gelding, 16.3H
USEF #5284729

Scopey, easy, first jumper for child or adult wanting to jump 3’6″ or 1.10m to 1.15m – very brave – Safe – Not spokey at all.

All In Fun

2001 Welsh Pony Cross Gelding, 13.1H
USEF# 4538844

Super sweet first pony for very beginner. This pony will show your child the ropes – Hack winner.

Irish Pride

2001 Imported Irish Gelding, 16.1H
USEF# 5114590

Children’s/AA Hunter with mileage – Great show record – Owner college bound

True Story

2009 Canadian Warmblood Gelding, 16.0H

Good mover – Eligible Pre-Green – Plenty of step to be a top Small Junior Hunter

Bo Tie

2001 Quarter Horse Gelding, 16.2H
USEF# 5189985

Great 1st Show Horse – Child/Adult, A-Show Miles – Good Mover – Sadly Outgrown


2003 Hanovarian Gelding, 15.3H
USEF# 5220080

Very cute Children’s/AA Hunter – Loads of show mileage – Safe, good mover


2010 Hanoverian Mare, 16H

Beautiful young Hunter Prospect – Jumps with lovely form – Great investment!


2008 Oldenburg Gelding, 17H
USEF# 5268950

Experienced gelding for all 3 rings – Safe, honest, scopey


2005 Oldenburg Gelding, 16.2H
USEF# 5181707

Recently imported – Great Children’s Jumper mount – Safe and brave – Just needs to continue his show career – Owner off to college – Great investment


2003 Dutch Warmblood Gelding, 17H
USEF# 5005159

Large Junior Hunter, Equitation, Medal, Jumper. Solid 3’6”. Safe move up horse. Easy, steps over the jumps. Scope for the 1.2M. Confident in all rings.


2004 Holsteiner Gelding 16.1H
USEF# 5138454


Perfect jumper for a child or adult wanting to compete in the 1.10m to 1.15m. Safe, honest – Good canter to be able to see the jumps on!


2004, TB/Hanovarian Cross, Gelding, 16.3H
USEF #5203629

Experienced in the equitation , jumper , medals, and hunters.
Good enough mover to compete in all 3 rings. Great step up horse to the
3ft 6″ divisions. Ready to show Lease option available.

Mr Untouchable

Imported Irish Sport Horse, Gelding, 16.1 3/4H
USEF #5293402

Recently imported. Champion first time shown in U.S. Great AA/Children’s Jumper. Beautiful and ready to show!

$10,000 – $25,000



2007 Trakehner Mare, 16.2H
USEF# 5317969

Smooth and beautiful rhythmical canter – Excellent investment for A level hunters- Will win the hack – Auto lead changes


2001 Thoroughbred Mare, 16.3H

Very good canter and well broke on the flat. Has show mileage – jumps 3’6″ easily

Roi Raja

2004 Warmblood Cross Gelding, 16H
USEF# 5272826

Super cute, honest first horse to step up to the 3ft – Has show mileage

Captain Butterscotch

2004 Welsh Cross Pony Gelding, 14.1H
USEF# 5305911

Very sweet, reliable large pony – Eligible green – Local show mileages – auto lead changes, good mover – Perfect first pony – Many championships

Under $10,000



2008 Jockey Club Registered TB Gelding, 16.1H

Super temperament – Safe, Not spooky – Started over fences and very good mover – Super for pony club or eventing


Peter Parker

2000 Thoroughbred Gelding, 16.0H
Usef# 4592307

Show mileage in Florida, also Evented – Safe, forward, auto – Point and shoot – Very game to be the winner!


2000 Blazer Pony Gelding, 14.1H

Great first pony – Trail rides and has been in training for jumping – Super comfy!


2003 POA Mare, 14.1H

Cute, safe, but forward pony Jumper – Not Spooky – Good canter – Has trial experience – Loves to jump!!!


2010 Thoroughbred Mare, 15.3H

Started over fences super sweet , safe for someone wanting a project


2001 Quarter Horse Pony Gelding, 14H

Great first pony – Quiet, cute mover – Trail rides, jumps – Excellent ground manners


2000, Thoroughbred, Gelding, 17.2H
USEF #497904

Has show mileage up to 1.15m. Safe, good lead changes. Well broke on the flat.